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The 31 Realest Tumblr Posts About Being A Woman


1. On opinions and orgasms:

2. On professional animators who can't draw women:

3. On going out in groups:

4. On "love songs" for girls who don't know they're beautiful:

5. On guys' preferences about women's clothing:

6. On the things we call women when they speak:

7. On "not all men":

8. On masturbating:

9. And the different ways people respond to it:

10. On women you've seen naked:

11. On offensive jokes:

12. On body hair:

13. And how it's represented in pop culture:

14. On buying feminine products:

15. On "other girls":

16. On being a badass:

17. On "suggestive" bra straps:

18. On boob censorship:

19. On "natural girls":

20. On life:

21. On Taylor Swift:

22. On respect:

23. On dress code arguments:

24. On being the object of the male gaze:

25. On boobs:

26. On representation in video games:

27. On attraction:

28. On "female privilege":

29. On threesomes:

30. On duckface:

31. And this very important reminder: