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The 31 Realest Things The Beyhive Has Ever Said

I see no lies.

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1. On Jesus' true identity:

2. On the pain of being birthed to anyone but Her:

3. On the One True French Superlative:

4. On making sure they get the most out of those concert tickets:

5. On Her relationship with fast food:

6. On Her supernatural powers:

7. On Her ability to slay with nothing:

8. On Her speaking voice:

9. On Her pan-species appeal:

10. On being the All Powerful:

11. On living for the entirety of Her work:

12. On Her math skills:

13. On embodying Her in all ways:

14. On the only rule a musician who cares about their career should follow:

15. On Her healing powers:

16. On spreading the Good Word:

17. On giving Her this sacred blessing:

18. On whether She cares about what the world thinks:

19. On dealing with non-believers:

20. On worshipping in public:

21. On proper attire:

22. On believing every sacred word:

23. On the one true time zone:

24. On the thrill of being close to Her:

25. On the betrayal of a non-believer existing beside you:

26. On the cold, hard truth of life and death:

27. On Keyshia Cole:

28. On Her career development:

29. On Her greatness:

30. On the sum of all belief:

31. And on appreciating the blessed era we live in today:

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