The 22 Most Satisfying Google Searches

Google does not disappoint.

1. “I googled sassy bird and was not disappointed”

2. “I googled rad cat and I was not disappointed”

3. “Google image searches for ‘woman riding man’”

4. “Shakespeare wearing cool sunglasses”

5. “I don’t know what I expected when I googled ‘hideous nipple’ but it wasn’t this.”

6. “So I typed in ‘black history moth’ instead of ‘black history month’ and discovered this gem”

7. “My officemates and I were arguing about the difference between a mouse and a rat so I googled it”

8. “I googled ‘powerful dog’ and now I’m screaming. This is too much power. Someone stop this dog.”

9. “I googled ‘fat birdies’ and found magic.”

10. “Sexy pictures of advil”

OK *technically* this isn’t a google search but I felt it must be included.

11. “Googled ‘Missionary Position’…was not disappointed.”

12. “I accidentally googled haircats instead of haircuts.”

13. “Just googled ‘the best thing I’ve seen all day.’ This was the top result.”

14. “I googled ‘What is reddit?’, and this was the first result.”

15. “I just googled “marzipan” and the creepiest thing in the world happened.”

16. “I googled Definition of Swag and was not disappointed.”

17. “I Googled ‘world’s saddest pet’ and I’m inclined to agree with the result.”

18. “I Googled ‘Greatest Nicolas Cage picture’ and found this.”

19. “Googled ‘traumatizing experience’…I was not disappointed.”

20. “Googled ‘Marine Animals,’ was not disappointed.”

21. This meta search: “After all these ‘I googled ‘I was not disappointed” posts, I googled ‘I googled I was not disappointed’ and I was not disappointed.”

22. And perhaps the most satisfying search of all: “So I decided to look up ‘happy birthday hamsters’ and now I regret nothing.”

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