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The 32 Most Absurd Pieces Of Clothing For Two

These aren’t your standard his/hers items. No, these clothes take it to the next level. A very creepy, strange level.

1. For the couple who thinks holding hands doesn't produce enough sweat already.

2. For even more sweaty times.

3. For the couple looking for some sexy bedroom outfits, there are these pajamas.

4. You can get more intimate with a T for 2.

5. Or have some fun with these "Fundies."

6. Don't forget about all your knitted options!

7. You can do this striped-turtleneck thing like this '60s couple.

8. You can do a three-person striped-sweater thing like these folks.

9. Or you can try a giant cardigan, like this couple.

10. Oh, and don't forget about the "Siamese Slanket."

11. You can accessorize with some "Smittens."

12. There's also the "Dualbrella."

13. There's this poncho thing.

14. There’s this purse that converts into a not-so-private privacy area.

15. Or perhaps you can accessorize with this baby Snuggie thing.

But by far, the strangest items come from a store called Pantalaine, the "provisioners of America's finest plural clothing."

I'm just going to assume this is a joke. This can't be real life.

16. You know what they say: The couple who straitjackets together stays together.

17. There's this, for the couple who wants to go power walking together.

18. Or this fun jogging getup.

19. I'm not even sure how this is happening.

20. There's also this bona fide punk outfit.

21. There's the world's most uncomfortable hoodie.

22. You can have a little fun in the rain with this three-way Windbreaker.

23. Or maybe this item for a four-way between professors? IDK.

24. Here's a fun party outfit if you're one of those couples who literally never leaves each other's sides.

25. This top probably also doubles as some sort of party game.

26. There's also stuff for your kids!

27. Mostly to keep them busy.

28. I don't know. I just don't know.

29. Of course, there are accessories. More mittens!

30. This funky hat situation.

31. Oh, hey, why not make dancing even more awkward?

32. And also, there's this.