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The 16 Cutest Kids Spotted At New York Fashion Week

Cuteness overload.

1. This kick-ass mini DJ.

2. This cutie patootie.

3. This ridiculously dapper toddler.

4. This adorable kid reporter interviewing people backstage.

5. This little girl who knows how to rock a print just like her mom.

6. This little tot rockin' a DVF Seersucker jacket with the always classic Mickey accessory.

7. The adorable Harper Beckham with her dad David Beckham and Anna Wintour.

8. This little girl who has her dad's taste in awesome socks.

9. The always fashionable Alia Wang (niece of Alexander Wang).

(Seriously, check out her previous outfits. TOO FLY.)

10. This kid hanging out backstage in a bold patterned look.

11. This kid modeling Hoorsenbuhs regalia and also possibly auditioning for the world's cutest emo band.

12. This little girl showing off her fabulous look with model Janice Dickinson.

13. These little cuties who wandered onto the runway and stole the show before it even got started.

14. The adorable family of designer Amber Sabathia.

15. The always fly Summer Chamblin.

(Daughter of the famous stylist June Ambrose.)

16. And this little girl who has made the world her own personal runway.