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    Another Round, Episode 3: "Oh, The Racism!"

    On this week's episode we talk about racist frats, spoken word, and chat with Issa Rae about Awkward Black Girl and her new HBO show.

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    So there's good news and bad news and more good news about this week's episode. The good news: we got to chit chat with the amazing Issa Rae of Awkward Black Girl fame!

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    We talk about everything from her new show to her book to her favorite brand of lipstick. And we laugh, a lot.

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    But the bad news is that we were at opposite ends of the country when it happened, so we didn't have the chance for a proper cheers.

    Yeah. We were really sad too, Barry.

    But the other good news is that we still had a fantastic time and a great conversation so it feels like we were in the same room! Right Issa?!

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    This episode, we talk about the craziness surrounding Tracy's essay, "A Black Girl's History With White Southern Frat Racism," and the state of race relations on college campuses.

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    The essay landed her on live TV for the first time, first appearing on All In With Chris Hayes, and The Melissa Harris Perry Show two days later. We are happy to report that Tracy did not throw up during the taping of either show, as she feared.

    We also have a lengthy discussion on the perils of spoken word.

    Comedy Central / Comedy Partners / MGM Television
    Comedy Central / Comedy Partners / MGM Television

    One of us confesses to secretly wanting to do spoken word at one point in her life. Guess which one!

    Here are 8 random things you can look forward to hearing in this week's episode:

    1. "I don't want to hear your poetry whispers in my ear. It's disgusting."

    2. "BYOM: Bring Your Own Man."

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    3. "I feel like improv is white people's spoken word."

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    4. "Sista, you a sell out! You the white devil!"

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    5. "I just think [squirrels are] deceptive and they have ninja-like qualities."

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    6. "Pigeons are the black man of the bird world."

    7. "I got some Henny in my cup, I don't wanna listen to you sing Jewel right now!"


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