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18 Kickass Illustrated Responses To Street Harassment

Responding to street harassment can be scary and frustrating. These illustrated responses take it on with humor and verve.

1. The swift sword maneuver.

2. The silent but deadly approach.

3. The friendly reminders around the neighborhood approach.

4. The kill them with their own crazy approach.

5. The don't even let them finish their sentence approach.

6. The helpful alternatives approach.

7. The angry chick approach.

8. The Little Bo Peep approach.

9. The Storm approach.

10. The "here's a helpful list of all the things that will actually make me smile while I'm walking down the street" approach

11. The never in a million, bajillion years response.

12. The I'm just going to keep existing as a Lesbian approach.

13. The depressingly accurate illustration of your frustrations.

14. The mantra you want to tape to your forehead.

15. The "F-off but also what if this just how my face looks can I live?!?" approach.

16. The "I see your cat call and raise you a claw in the face" approach.

17. Reminder: This is the only form of cat-calling that is appropriate.