How To Tell If Your Friends Are #NoFilter Fakers On Instagram

    #NoFilter is a very popular hashtag on Instagram but sometimes you want to ask people if they actually know what those words mean...

    Filter Fakers is here to help you figure out who's faking.

    From the website's description:

    #Nofilter is one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Using it is a way of telling people that you haven't used any of Instagram's built in filters to enhance the photo. But with over 40 million photos uploaded on Instagram daily, there are obviously quite a few cheaters out there. People that want you to think their photos just turned out that great, completely without the help of any filters. And you had to believe them - until now.

    How it works: Just post a link of the Instagram photo in question in the "Faker Catcher"

    It will tell you if your friends are being honest with their #NoFilter tags and, if not, which filter they are actually using.

    Have fun teasing your friends and reminding them words have meaning!