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    21 Hilarious, Awkward, And Painful Rounds Of Cards Against Humanity

    Well played.

    1. This astute political analysis.

    2. This 100% accurate description of the internet.

    3. This depressing realization.

    4. This other depressing realization.

    5. This nerdy pick-up line.

    6. This truism.

    7. This excellent Cosmo tip.

    8. This horrifying round of charades.

    9. This macabre observation.

    10. This truth behind Maybelline.

    11. This distinct aroma of the elderly.

    12. This upcoming ESPN2 show.

    13. This Lifetime movie.

    14. This airdrop in Afghanistan.

    15. These difficulties at the colony.

    16. This grandma who is basically all of us.

    17. This horrifying possibility.

    18. This sideboob slideshow gone wrong.

    19. This Putin routine.

    20. This controversy at PAX.

    [PAX is a gaming conference/festival where games like Cards Against Humanity present their newest work. Some key members of PAX have a troubling relationship to the women in the gaming community, to put it kindly.]

    21. And, well, you decide what the outcome of this Miley Cyrus round should be...

    And remember, please file all complaints here:

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