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    God Bless The Teens On Vine Who Are Bringing Back The Real Harlem Shake

    Just, god bless.

    You've probably tried to block the phrase "Harlem Shake" from your memory after this corny meme was all over the place last year but the teens on Vine are bringing the real dance back and it is just so damn beautiful.

    I mean, look at this work of art.

    Just watch this kid go.

    Here for it.

    A+ hoodie use.

    Tyler the Creator did one when the meme was going around last year to let these fools know.

    I mean, does this not bring joy to your heart?

    Has celebration ever looked this beautiful?

    Does this not, for a brief, unspeakable moment, melt all your troubles away?

    Has something so exquisite ever graced your eyes?

    And while the Harlem Shake on Vine is dominated by dudes, don't make the mistake of thinking they're the only ones who are good at it.

    Watch the full video here and get your life.