19 Dicks In Unexpected Places

It’s SFW, because they’re not actual dicks but NSFW because they look like dicks.

4. In a truck.

“My friend is in Ibiza at the moment and saw a truckload of gold dicks outside her apartment window.”

5. In your lipstick.

7. In your New Year’s photo.

8. In your car.

“My daughter has been drawing dicks on my sunroof for years. Today we realized that it was more than just for artistic comedic relief.”

9. In your DIY popsicles.

“My sister-in-law tried to make chocolate covered bananas today. The result? Dick pops.”

12. On the back of your shirt.

“I’m sweating balls…”

13. In a wedding cake.

15. In your weather forecast.

“Today’s forecast: Cloudy with a chance of dicks.”

18. In church.

Google Earth / Via nydailynews.com

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