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15 Reasons Destin Conrad Should Be Your Favorite Teen On Vine


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1. His facial expressions are basically a work of art.

2. He knows that face you make when your jam comes on:

3. Yep, all the faces.

4. Especially your "Drunk in Love" face.

5. (And he's definitely part of the Beygency).

6. He calls out the absurdities of the McDonald's sauce system.

7. He knows a queen when he sees one.

8. He captures the feeling of bountiful joy that is free Wi-Fi.

9. And that face you make when you actually listen to the words of a song.

10. His dance moves will give you life.

11. His "A Thousand Miles" remix is A++

12. Also, here's a random vine of him and Lionel Richie #blessed

13. He has an astute understanding of the beauty of language.

14. And he WILL call you out when you disrespect a word.