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Can We All Just Take A Moment To Appreciate Jaime Camil From "Jane The Virgin"?

The Jane the Virgin star will make you swoon in multiple languages.

Move over, George Clooney, there's a new salt-and-peppered zaddy in town!

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

Mexican actor Jaime Camil has had a large role in many a telonovela, like Qué Pobres Tan Ricos and Por Ella Soy Eva, but recently had his big breakout hit in the U.S. with Jane the Virgin.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

He was also People en Español's "Sexiest Man Alive" in 2007 because, duh.

If you're watching Jane the Virgin, Camil fittingly plays the ridiculously charming and dramatic fictional telenovela star Rogelio de la Vega.

If you're not watching Jane the Virgin, what's going on with you, friend? Do you not enjoy exquisitely crafted stories with a lot of heart and an incredibly beautiful cast? Do you not enjoy joy??

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Look how suave Rogelio looks with his brogelio and fellow Jane the Virgin cast mate, Justin Baldoni.

Michael Buckner / Getty Images for Venice Family Clinic

Those biceps! That smile!

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Just look at him with his lil' curls and his big ol' glasses. What a cutie patootie!

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

*Starts petition to remake Mad Men but with Jaime Camil as Don*

Jason Merritt / Getty Images

*Starts petition to make him the next Bond*

Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images for Chrysler

*Starts petition for more scruff*

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

*Starts petition to bring back whatever is happening with this pic from the early 2000s*

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

If you follow him on Instagram, he will bless you with handsome pictures with his handsome friends...

...backstage selfies with his award-winning squad...

...but most importantly: a bunch of pictures of him and his babies!

What a goddamn delight to have him on our television screens every week!

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