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    26 Pieces Of "Breaking Bad" Paraphernalia You Can Buy On Etsy

    Everything from cuff links to cat hats to bronze sculptures.

    1. This hair clip.

    2. This Walter White smoking pipe.

    3. This Heisenberg hat for your cat.

    4. And this Jesse Pinkman beanie.

    5. This anthropomorphized taxidermy rat.

    6. This birthday card.

    7. These very necessary baby slippers.

    8. This hand soap.

    9. This cute take on the standard yellow jumpsuit costume.

    10. This Breaking Bad tissue box for all your feels.

    11. This "Better Call Saul" print.

    12. These potholders for the cook in your life.

    13. These pillows.

    14. These wood and cork coasters.

    15. This fun birthday decoration.

    16. This "Obey" tank.

    17. This epic Gus cross-stitch.

    18. This eye exam chart.

    19. This classic Disney tale.

    20. These cuff links.

    21. This Christmas tree ornament.

    22. Some glass rock candy to prank gullible people with.

    23. This Jesse Pinkman take on Jaws.

    24. This inspirational tote.

    25. This Heisenburg cat patch on a white tee.

    26. And this regal bronze Walter White bust.