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33 Perfect Vines To Nourish Your Spirit

Having a stressful week? Check these out.

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1. These seriously turnt kids.

2. This equally serious, equally turnt little girl.

3. This cat whisperer.

4. And this bird whisperer.

5. This beautiful rendition of a classic song.

6. Everybody's impatient mama.

7. This beautifully poetic group dance.

8. This woman getting her LIFE.

9. This genius escape from a dangerous situation.

10. This baby you wish were you.

11. This work of art.

12. This impromptu dance party.

13. This unexpected Nae Nae.

14. These grown men having a conversation.

15. The creativity of the human spirit.

16. This lost episode of Dora the Explorer.

17. This celebration of life.

18. This check yourself alert system.

19. This guaranteed party starter.

20. This man slaying in the parking lot.

21. This Facebook anthem.

22. This guy who can't even handle it.

23. This hot Drake verse.

24. This real thing that actually happened.

25. And this gospel rendition.

26. This baby who is all of us when we eat beans.

27. This adorable grandma.

28. The world's shortest turn up.

29. The "ooo" heard 'round the world.

30. This super-smooth dude.

31. This incredible Soul Train mash-up.

32. This tribute to the 99 and the 2000.

33. And this gift that keeps on giving.

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