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24 Important Pieces Of Life Wisdom From The Ladies Of "Girl Code"

MTV's Girl Code can be hit or miss, but when it's good, it's good! The show has been picked up for a second season so expect to see more of these funny ladies talking about everything under the sun.

1. On slut-shaming:

2. On beauty standards:

3. On dealing with exes:

4. On ladies carrying condoms:

5. On masturbation:

6. On masturbation after sex:

7. On diet culture:

8. On gaslighting:

9. On wanting to be perfect:

10. On feeling ugly:

11. On being alone:

12. On navigating life:

13. On the importance of crushes:

14. On being a tall girl:

15. On dancing like no one's watching:

16. On supposed "dating etiquette" for women:

17. On loving your boobs:

18. On harassment:

19. On asking for what you want:

Via: Tumblr

20. On men who love the "natural look":

21. On communicating during foreplay:

22. On penises:

23. On the beauty of friendship:

24. On life: