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    22 Babies Who Discovered Selfies

    "Hayyy" - Babies.

    1. This baby who's just chilling in the tub after a long day of being a baby.

    2. This adorably plump baby who hasn't quite figured out how to fit their whole head in the screen.

    3. This baby Instagramming pics from brunch.

    4. This fierce baby who should definitely be a model.

    5. This baby who's discovered the "hipster-above-the-head-shot" selfie.

    6. This baby contemplating life's biggest mysteries.

    7. This baby who's like "just woke up #nofilter."

    8. This baby just hanging out and making silly faces.

    9. This baby who's like "OMG so bored get me out of here."

    10. This baby giving fierce face.

    11. This baby who's like "Sup, guys. Just chillin at the crib."

    12. This baby who is probably pooping or something.

    13. This baby showing off his cool PJs.

    14. This baby who's perfected the art of duck face.

    15. This baby who feels really cool in his new race car shirt.

    16. This baby taking selfies at the beach.

    17. This baby Instagramming pics with all her new toys.

    18. This baby who's like "Hey cutie, how you doin?"

    19. This baby showing off his new pacifier.

    20. This baby who can't get over his own face.

    21. This baby doing the "oh hey I forgot the camera was here" selfie.

    22. And this baby who has discovered the transformative and healing powers of the selfie.

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