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22 Animals Who Are Getting Real Tired Of Your S***

"Seriously, enough already."

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1. This dog who suspects you're mocking him

2. This cat who is plotting for the next time you try to kiss it

3. This bird who is tired of hearing about your stupid problems

4. This dog who would really appreciate it if you didn't put socks on him


5. This dog who would like you to respect the fact that he called shotgun

6. This cat who is tired of taking selfies with you

7. ...and these squished kitties.

8. This horse who would really appreciate it if you got your own food


9. This donkey who is tired of all these families driving by and ruining his peace and quiet

10. This otter who doesn't want to play your stupid cup game anymore

11. This dog who has had it with you and your Julia Roberts obsession

12. This cat who finds your excessive petting to be smothering


13. This dog who is tired of you putting chocolate in his face when you know he's allergic

14. This elephant who is tired of you Instagraming everything

15. This pug who doesn't think this is adorable

16. This cat who needs you to chill with the checking Gmail every five seconds


17. This alligator who would like its mouth back

18. This Alpaca who is getting real tired of all these duck-faced tourists

19. This dog who just wanted some casual outerwear

20. This pug who would like to sit in peace without anyone mocking his posture

21. This dog who just doesn't know why he still puts up with this

22. This horse who has had it with people mocking his existence