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    15 Reasons You're STILL Watching Re-Runs Of "Girlfriends"

    Girlfriends >>> Sex And The City.

    1. Because they understood your idea of a good time.

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    2. Because Joan's relationship advice was always solid....

    3. Because everyone needs a person like Maya in their life.

    4. Because Toni was so unabashedly in love with her self and you loved it.

    Yup, here for it.

    5. Because you kinda wished you could live life as free-spirited as Lynn.

    (Even though she could never manage to actually hold down a job, despite all those degrees...)

    6. Because Maya's side-eyes and "oh hell nos" will always slay you.

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    And her words, her words will also slay you.

    7. Because William's corny ass still has a place in your heart.

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    8. Because behind all the bougie, Toni Childs does not play.

    And you were so sad when she wasn't on season 7 or 8 because their whole group dynamic was the real heart of the show.

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    9. Because there was something just so damn life affirming about the way Joan held it down at their mostly white law firm.

    And in the later episodes when she started her own restaurant like a BAMF!

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    10. Because their conversations always gave you life.

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    11. Too, too real.

    12. But mostly because their friendship was just so beautiful and affirming and like so few shows that have been on tv.

    13. And you just want to have four girls like this in your life to go to grow old with...

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    14. ...and to gossip about Idris at brunch with!

    Don't even get me started on the men on this show!!!

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    15. And, of course, we can't forget about the outfits!

    Okay, actually yeah maybe these outfits didn't give you life...

    It was a different time...

    Tacky leather be damned! Who can even be mad at this theme song? This show was eve-ry-thing.

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