Pixar Is Casting All Of Our Favorite People!

This week is the D23 Expo, where Disney announces all magical things that make us very smile. Prepare to be excited about who they’ve cast in their latest Pixar films!

1. Eugene Levy!

Our favorite American Pie father has yet another pair of daddy shoes to fill. He’s playing forgetful Dory’s father in Finding Dory !

2. Diane Keaton!

We all love the classy and talented Diane Keaton. Pixar couldn’t have picked a better person to give a voice to Dory’s mother in Finding Dory !

3. Ty Burrell!

If you don’t have love for Modern Family star Ty Burrell then shame on you! Our favorite funny man will play a beluga named Bailey in the upcoming Finding Dory movie!

4. John Lithgow!

While we already associate him with the voice of Shrek’s pompous Lord Farquuad, John Lithgow has been cast as Poppa in The Good Dinosaur . We can’t wait to see what he brings to this character!

5. Neil Patrick Harris!

We love love love NPH! Thank you Disney for casting him as middle sibling Cliff in The Good Dinosaur we’re ready to laugh and cannot wait to see these characters come to life!

6. Judy Greer!

We all remember Judy as Jennifer Garner’s crappy “friend” from 13 Going On 30 and from her role on Arrested Development, but now she’s back to play a sister dinosaur in The Good Dinosaur alongside Neil Patrick Harris!

7. Luca Neff!

We love laughing along with him on Raising Hope but we cannot wait to watch him star as the voice of main character Arlo in The Good Dinosaur !

8. Bill Hader!

No wonder he had to leave SNL! He’s voicing older brother Forrest in The Good Dinosaur AND the voice of Fear in the film Inside Out! Congrats on all the Disney love Bill!

9. Mindy Kaling!

The hysterical Mindy Kaling plays the voice of Digust in Pixar’s latest project Inside Out . Her personality is perfectly fitting for playing a teenager’s voice of disgusting don’t you think?

10. Amy Poehler!

Last but not least, Pixar has cast our favorite Parks and Recreation cast member, Amy Poehler to play the teenage voice for Joy in Inside Out. Do you think she’ll channel her inner Leslie Knope to sound super happy? We hope so!

Thank you Disney Pixar for casting all of our comedy favorites in your upcoming films! We can’t wait!

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