A Disney Princess Alphabet

A guide to the Disney Princesses in ABC form, what’s not to love?

1. A is for Ariel

She’s our favorite feisty redhead from under the sea and she’s probably the luckiest princess because she gets to spend forever with Prince Eric (the hottest animated guy around).

2. B is for Belle

Belle’s name means beauty but she’d rather read than care about her looks any day. She’s independent and gets props for loving the Beast despite his looks. It goes without saying that I would kill for the library the Beast gives her, it’s incredible.

3. C is for Cinderella

A girl after my own heart, Cinderella proved to the world that shoes truly can change your life. She taught us not to give up on our dreams (or at least to keep waiting for our fairy godmother to appear).

4. D is for Diamond Edition

Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, and The Little Mermaid have all been released to Diamond Edition (which is a special Blu-ray/DVD combo pack). While it’s very exciting when we can go out and repurchase our favorite princess films, the panic that sets in when Disney threatens to return them to the vault is unexplainable.

5. E is for Enchanted

We can’t forget about Amy Adam’s Disney Princess moment! Enchanted is wonderful because it throws an animated princess into the harsh NYC reality. It was nice to see a Princess Gisele deal with what we deal with every day, aside from the ability to get rats and roaches to clean an apartment (but we’re not too jealous of that).

6. F is for Frozen

We don’t even know these two leading ladies yet, but we can’t wait! Disney’s Frozen comes out on Thanksgiving and will introduce us to Princess Anna and Elsa the Snow Queen! Disney Princess sisters? We’ll take it.

7. G is for Gorgeous Gowns

Our favorite Disney Princesses have inspired designer Alfred Angelo to create his own line of Disney wedding dresses! I don’t know about you but I certainly have my eye on one of these gowns for when I say “I do.”

8. H is for Hair

This is pretty self explanatory. The princesses have flawless, amazing hair. Even when Rapunzel’s hair is cut off, she rocks that choppy look. Damn them and their beautiful locks.

9. I is for Interactive

Interacting with the Disney Princesses at one of the parks is something you’ll never forget. It truly is like meeting a character out of your favorite movie! Belle told me we looked like sisters when I last met her, I can die happy.

10. J is for Jasmine

Princess Jasmine taught us that we all deserve to marry for love. She’s free spirited, rebellious and clever. Her hourglass shape is to die for (can we have her body?).

11. K is for Kings

We wouldn’t have princesses if we didn’t have kings! Often the Disney Kings are a bit clueless but overall care deeply about their daughters. They all must have awesome genetics to have been a part of creating such beautiful women.

12. L is for Lottie

Lottie is technically only the Princess of the Mardi Gras parade in The Princess and The Frog, but we love her because she’s sassy. She wants a man and she wants him to be rich. Can’t hate on a girl who knows what she wants!

13. M is for Merida

Princess Merida can be described in one word: badass. She’s got a perfect shot with a bow and arrow (that’s saying a lot). If I could ask her one question it would be, “How do you tame that wild hair?”

14. N is for Never Give Up

The Disney Princesses have always demonstrated to never give up, whether it is on their dreams or love or the pursuit of freedom, they have stayed persistent. Disney Parks also hosts a Princess Run, a half marathon throughout the park, that let’s everyone be a princess for the day. Never give up is a strong theme accompanied by the princesses.

15. O is for On Ice

Let’s be real, who wouldn’t want to go to Disney on Ice? Last year’s show featured all of our favorite princesses and their heroes! Someone please get me some tickets to this magical event.

16. P is for Pocahontas

Pocahontas is a truly special princess. She is one with nature and loves adventure, yet she is also very mature. Most importantly, she always listens to her heart, despite what others may think of her.

17. Q is for Queen

Without Queens there wouldn’t be Princesses! While many of the Disney Queens have passed away (or are pure evil) there are actually many kind ones! Check out Queen Elinor or Rapunzel’s mother for instance. Queen Clarion from the Pixie Hollow films is a fabulous Fairy Queen!

18. R is for Rapunzel

Rapunzel is one of my favorite Disney Princesses because she’s not your average girl. She’s a playful talented painter and singer. She admires the “floating lights” and doesn’t give up on her dream to find them, even if that means leaving her comfort zone.

19. S is for Snow White

Who’s the fairest of them all? The very first Disney Princess of course! This poison apple eating, dwarf loving lady has been portrayed by Ginnifer Goodwin on ABC’s Once Upon A Time and by Kristin Stewart in Snow White and The Huntsman. She’s pretty popular I’d say.

20. T is for Tiana

Princess Tiana is arguably the best role model for girls today. She’s the first African American Princess (go girl!) and she knows what it means to work hard. She’s very relatable; her movie’s message is that you need both love and a career to be happy/

21. U is for Unfortunate Events

It’s no secret that our Disney Princesses have all experienced some form of unfortunate event. However, following this our Princesses have risen above and beyond to learn an important life lesson. These unfortunate events are important!

22. V is for Vanellope Von Schweetz

SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN WRECK IT RALPH: Vanellope is a Princess! Well, she technically goes by President Vanellope, but we all know she is the reigning Princess of Sugar Rush.

23. W is for Wedding

The grand finale of most Disney Princess films is usually a spectacular wedding. There’s a reason couples get married at Disney people!

24. X is for eXtraordinary

Let’s be honest, the Disney Princesses are fabulous extraordinary women. They teach us multiple life lessons and look beautiful while they do it!

25. Y is for Young

If you read this chart you’ll be surprised to find out that the Disney Princesses are actually very young! Kinda scary to think about how much they’ve endured at these ages…

26. Z is for Zeal

For those who don’t know, zeal means a great energy or enthusiasm in pursuit of a cause or an objective. This is a pretty accurate description for our lovable Disney Princesses and their adventures don’t you think?

27. Now you know your Disney Princesses from A-Z !

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