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14 Must Read Books For Disney Lovers

Because you can never truly have enough Disney magic in your life.

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1. Disney's "Art Of" Collection / Via Chronicle Books

Disney has a series of books that shows exactly what went into developing the characters, the scenery, and basically the entire art of each film. Along with incredible original sketches, the books offer insight from the designers as to the reasoning behind why the films we know and love look the way they do.

Check out the "Art Of" books for Frozen, Toy Story 3, Cars, Brave, Wreck it Ralph, and more!

2. The Hidden Magic of Walt Disney World by Susan Veness / Via Adams Media

Written by an Orlando native/ itinerary planner specifically for Disney, this book truly is a treat for the Disney enthusiast. There are so many tips and secrets to be discovered between the pages of this book. After reading it you'll find many new ways to enjoy your next trip to WDW!

3. The Revised Vault of Walt by Jim Korkis / Via Theme Park Press

This book is the real deal. It has a foreword by Diane Disney Miller herself! It is written by former cast member Jim Korkis, making the stories feel authentic and personal. Reading this book provides a great way to get a feel for Disney culture and history.


4. Disney Art Studio Books / Via Thunder Bay Press

Art lovers! You've already got the skills so why not use this book to learn how to draw your favorite Disney characters? Each set includes a 80-page drawing book, 3 watercolor paints, 2 paint brushes, a palette, a drawing pencil, 7 colored pencils, a fine-line marker, a kneaded eraser, and a sharpener along with a guide of how to draw the characters. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

5. Hidden Mickeys by Steven M. Barrett / Via The Intrepid Traveler

If you're a true Disney fan, you know all about mysterious hidden mickeys. They exist within many of the films, but can also be found within amusements all over the park. This book will guide you to finding them through a fun scavenger hunt!

6. How to Be Like Walt by Pat Williams / Via HCI

Interested in the man behind the magic? This book will take you through a truthful look at Walt Disney and the life that he created. He has often been criticized for being a harsh individual, but this story reflects him in a positive yet true manner. Check it out!

7. The Book of Mouse by Jim Korkis / Via Theme Park Press

Newly released by Disney Historian Jim Korkis, this book will teach you all you need to know about everyones favorite mouse. It recaps Mickey's rise to stardom (including a full annotated filmography) and will also teach you fun facts like where he lives and exactly how tall he is!


8. The Disney Princess Cookbook / Via Disney Press

I think of myself as a Disney Princes on a regular basis, so why not learn to cook like one? Yes this book is definitely for children, but it's also perfect for a beginning chef! I'll be using this to make some magic in my kitchen ASAP.

9. Dream It! Do It! by Marty Sklar / Via Disney Editions

Marty Sklar, an original Disney Imagineer, tells the enchanting story of his life working for Disney. He started with the company after his junior year of college and would eventually rise up to become president and principal creative executive of Walt Disney Imagineering! His story is inspirational for anyone of you who aspire to work for The Mouse.

10. The Disneyland Story by Sam Gennawey / Via Unofficial Guides

Ever wonder how Walt Disney came up with the idea for Disneyland? Well, this book will guide you through Disney's decisions to develop his first amusement park. There are also some lovely photos of the park in it's early years!

11. Kingdom Keepers by Ridley Pearson / Via Disney Hyperion

The Kingdom Keepers series turns Disney into an eerie place at night. In the first book four young Disney park employees must battle some vicious Disney villains after hours! If you love fantasy and you love Disney you will absolutely love this series.


12. Walt Disney World For Adults by Rita Aero / Via Fodor's

Tired of going on baby rides at Disney? The mature adult that you are would like to get something more out of your next trip to WDW? Well, Rita Aero has got you covered! This book offers tips and tricks for adults to enjoy complete with "when-to-go" charts and restaurant profiles.

13. The Chef Mickey Cook Book by Pam Brandon / Via Disney Editions

Let's face it, one of the greatest part of visiting the Disney parks is the food. Personally, I crave Mickey shaped waffles year round. This cook book includes recipes both new and old from the Disney parks that you can make in your own kitchen!

14. Disney Little Golden Books / Via Golden/Disney

Who could forget about these classics? There's something truly special about the books with the original golden spine. Whether you have a childhood collection of them hidden somewhere or you've recently invested in the new ones (yes they still make them!) the little golden books are a treat for Disney lovers.

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