14 Emotions You'll Feel While Job Hunting As Told By "Mean Girls"

That cover letter is so fetch!

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6. Doubt. / Via Paramount Pictures

Over a week has passed. You're starting to question yourself. Did you forget to leave your phone number on your cover letter? Did you write down the wrong email address?

10. Irrational.

You can't even reason with yourself at this point. You're convinced that there is something completely wrong with you and you'll be living in your car soon because CLEARLY no one wants to hire you.

11. Disappointed. / Via Paramount Pictures

It's been a month. You're feeling like you're wasting time. Maybe the positions have already been filled, but your hopes have been crushed and you're sad about it.

13. Motivated. / Via Paramount Pictures

You're realizing you need money to pay for all of those gotta get back on that horse! So, you start revamping your resume and you start the job search all over again.

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