Avril Lavigne’s Top Music Video Disasters

“Hello Kitty” is terrible, but we shouldn’t be surprised: Our Avril is no stranger to putting out awful music videos.

As you probably know, Avril Lavigne put out a new video for her single “Hello Kitty”.

Epic Records / Via youtube.com

And as we can all expect, it’s fairly embarrassing.

Epic Records / Via s3-ec.buzzfed.com

But have they ever been not cringe-worthy? Take 2007’s “Girlfriend”:

Columbia/RCA Records / Via youtube.com

In which she runs around in school uniform calling herself the “motherfucking princess”

In fairness, she is only 22 here… Columbia/RCA Records / Via cdn.makeagif.com

In 2011 we had “What The Hell” where she steals and crashes a taxi whilst emotionally abusing her boyfriend

Lavigne described the album on which this was released as “I’m older now, so I think that comes across in my music, it’s not as pop-rock”. Erm. RCA Records / Via youtube.com

#notfoolinganyone RCA Records / Via media.giphy.com

2013 brought “Here’s To Never Growing Up”

A touching nostalgia trip in which being forever young involves playing at a school dance looking a bit Carrie-esque in a Prom Queen crown and eyeliner running down your face. Epic Records / Via youtube.com

Never growing up also appears to involve disowning your hairbrush

But nearing 30 is a scary prospect though, right guys? Epic Records / Via media.giphy.com

And the less said about “Rock N Roll” the better…

For those of you who had noticed the massive amounts of product placement in her videos. Epic Records / Via youtube.com

“Oh, my new Sony phone is ringing” = ACTUAL QUOTE

SERIOUSLY AVRIL SERIOUSLY Epic Records / Via media.giphy.com

Oh Avril.

You promised me I’m never gonna find you fake it. Arista Records / Via media.giphy.com

No, no, no.

Just no. Arista Records / Via blogger.com

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