17 Ways Exhausted Students Are Just Like Jack McFarland From “Will & Grace”

You’re a drama queen through and through. And he’s basically you when you have deadlines.

1. Your burgeoning fear of adult responsibility.

One day your council tax exemption is going to end. Think about that.

2. Some people think you’re a drama queen.

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But you’re just concerned about graduating, preferably with your mental health still intact.

3. Your trash TV watching habits border on professional.

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When was the last time you had any need to change channel from E4 to something else? (Okay, maybe ITV2…)

4. You’re unable to concentrate on anything important for an adequate length of time.


*gives self migraine*

5. You drink when you really probably shouldn’t.


You’ve definitely thought about vodka both pre and post library, don’t lie.

6. #emotionaleating

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That cocktail of coffee and sugar seems to make the world go round sometimes.

7. You have zero tolerance for other people at the moment.

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There’s nothing like exams to make you lose your rag over a sandwich.

8. Some would call you brain dead.

Because revising a lot has somehow made you stupider.

9. You become suddenly abrasive whenever someone discourages you from your career ambitions or mentions the phrase ‘economic climate’.

“Yes, I KNOW I’m one of many graduates, with the same qualifications, in a crushingly difficult job market, don’t you think I KNOW THAT?”

10. You’re a bitch to people sometimes when you’re stressed.

Or it might just be your default setting.

11. You really think a lot of your problems could be solved by money.

Then being good at things and working hard would be meaningless and you’d never have to look at a flashcard ever again.

12. Thoughts of getting drunk and dancing on tables get you through the day.

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After your exams you can get down and get off with questionable people.

13. You often crave human contact.

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Especially after several weeks of silently sweating over hotties in the library.

14. You’ve started struggling with basic words and phrases.

It’s just too challenging to choose the right pronoun after eight hours in the library.

15. You experience extremes of emotion. Sometimes highs…


16. …and sometimes lows.

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“That was horrifying. I think I wrote ‘Fred’ instead of ‘Freud’.”

17. Basically you’re going nuts.

Your mum is concerned. You should give her a ring.

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