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11 Ways Life Would Be Unimaginable Without Cell Phones

It's a dark, dark vision of the world.

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1. So you would go to meet someone and if they didn't show up you'd just...go home?

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That just doesn't make any sense at all.

2. No group chats. Ever.

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Good luck having a busy social life when you have to write to all your friends individually and wait 2-3 days for a response from each of them.

3. There'd be no easily-accessible map in your pocket

Comedy Central / Via giphy

Life would get really difficult, really fast.

4. Train journeys would be pretty dull without the world's content and media at your finger tips.

Amazon Prime / Via giphy

You might even have to make eye contact with someone.

5. There'd also be no way to share all your thoughts and opinions with the world in a tight and witty 140 characters.

Fox / Via giphy

There's always yelling it in the street, but you tend to get a bit of a reputation quite quickly if you keep doing that.

6. No portable playlists. Just a world of silence, all the time.

Fox / Via giphy

Now that's a scary thought.

7. And you'd have to go and manually check your emails...?

Comedy Central / Via giphy

No sense. No sense at all.

8. No HD camera in your pocket! Say goodbye to that luxury.

E! / Via giphy

Whether or not you think this is a good thing largely depends on your stance on selfies.

9. On the bright side, being 'off the grid' would mean no fighting for phone signal.

10. Let's face it, there's very little your cell phone can't do.

It can probably do your taxes.

11. God bless you, cell phones. God bless.

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We owe you so much.

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