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#ManCrushMonday Avan Jogia

Now whoever created this hashtag is genius. Know why? Because it's an excuse to drool over the good looking guys out there ;)

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Avan Jogia born Feb 9th 1992 is that good looking guy above. He is known for his roles as Beck in Victorious and Danny Desai in Twisted. Avan was born in Vancouver, Canada but has British and Indian descent.

Apart from being exceptionally good looking, Avan has a great personality- he always engages with his fans whether it's a reply, retweet or favouriting tweets. His voice is amazing! You can hear him singing in the Victorious tracks, an original song (

He co-founded the the 'Straight But Not Narrow' campaign to take a stand against bullying, the organisation "...prepares and trains young adults on how to become allies of their LGBTQ peers." (

Currently he's in a relationship with the Vampire Academy star Zoey Deutch. These two have got to be the cutest couple ever, with their Instagram pictures and their interaction on Twitter. It really just makes you go AWW and wish for something like that (well for me it does :P)

Now what is there not to love about him?

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