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    Every Step A Person Takes When They Have A Celebrity Crush

    Everybody and anybody has a celebrity crush, they must do! Who can resist the perfection that comes on our screens or the talent they hold?

    1. Search the internet to find out who they are, the best sources being Wikipedia and IMDB

    2. Read all about their life, wishing that one day you could meet them

    3. Find all their social media accounts and follow them and turn on all notifications for when they're online

    4. Continually stalk them, ONLINE obviously


    liking all their Instagram pictures, Facebook posts, RT & favouriting their tweets, replying to them and always posting on their wall

    5. Google image searching your crush

    6. Then making a wall of posters


    A wall of utter perfection *sigh*

    7. Watching everything they've appeared in

    8. Always talking about them to everyone and anyone

    I think that pretty much summed up a whole load of things people do when they have a celebrity crush. Comment below on anything that you do, always interesting to find out other methods!

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