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The Addiction Of Leopard

Do you have a friend with a leopard addiction? Maybe you yourself own too much leopard? Don't worry, you are not alone.

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It begins when we are born

Too young to think for ourselves

It creeps up on you...

You hardly think anything of it

You start to feel good every time you are around it

It begins in one room...

and slowly you find yourself...

adding bits into the bathroom


You just can not contain yourself!!!!

You just can not love leopard

Your friends are warning you, you are out of control

You are not the same, things got out of hand

It used to be a small cute trend you had

But now no one can even recognize you!

You're getting old now...what are your children going to think?

OH MY! You've corrupted them! The cycle will live on!

You've corrupted him too!

(even though he is so freakin cute!)

(even though he is so freakin cute!)

I tried to warn you that it was too flashy and can cause an accident while driving...

I will always remember you for the real you and not the leopard

You always made me laugh

Thanks for the car!

I will take good care of your leopard tortoises... as if they were my own

You know what......

maybe this whole leopard thing really isn't that bad...

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