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    LEAKED: Rare Secret Paula Deen Recipes

    Paula Deen always shares her recipes with the world. Here are some never before seen recipes from her vaulted recipe box.

    Lets find out what recipes Paula has been hiding up her sleeves.

    Try A Deep Fried UggBoot

    Makes a great holiday dish. Unless you know those people who enjoy a good uggboot in the summer with shorts....

    French Fry Fry Butter

    Butter is never the star ingredient in a dish. It usually works with a dish for taste and can bring out silkness in a sauce. Paula Deen pushes the boundaries with using butter as her main ingredient. Just slice the butter into steak fries, fry the sticks of butter and top if off with butter and chives for color.

    90's CD Lasagna

    Use what you've got around the house. Throw together some old recipes and make a new one. Might as well use the ingredients before you can't use them anymore.

    Stack the CDs carefully and use a fresh ricotta cheese from your local farmers market.

    Mint Fresh Irish Spring Cream Soup

    Easy simple. This Irish Spring soup is good hot or cold. Paula likes using a hand blender to puree for right consistency every time.


    Four bars of Irish Spring soap

    8 gallons of heavy cream.

    sprinkle a few mint leafs.


    We use silverware to eat all the time. But we never think to try the spoons, forks, or knifes. They are already in our mouth, why not eat them!?


    Use a spoon, fork, or knife

    coat it in egg and flour. coat it in egg and flour again

    deep fry.

    coat it in egg and flour once more.

    fry again


    This recipe can not be used with plastic forks, spoons, or knifes.

    Berries and Leaf Fruit Salad

    Spring time and summer just make you scream for some fresh fruit. But what are you going to do with all those dead leaves in your backyard? Add them into some fresh fruit with a squeeze of lemon to bring out the flavors. Great to bring to a picnic and it is 100% vegan.

    Doughy Hush Puppies

    I know you've tried a small taste of Play Dough growing up. That salty Play Dough we would make pretend pizza and spaghetti with meatballs with. If you have some laying around (its ok if it is dried up)...Try Paula Deens doughy hush puppy deep fried play dough. Its great for a kids snack, they will love the fun colors!

    Triple BFFFFFF

    Best Friend fried fried fried.

    Classic recipe inspired by Paula Deens best friend. Lets face it though you most likely have a new best friend now and don't need those BFF gems anymore. Paula triple fried her BFF jewlery with a classic batter.These nostalgic treats will bring you back to your childhood

    Butter Lights

    If you don't feel like cooking tonight. Don't worry....kick back with a drink and smoke a stick of butter.