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    22 Reasons Why I Would Be Perfect For BuzzFeed

    I would love the opportunity to work with BuzzFeed for the Creative Fellowship position (Fall 2013) with BuzzFeed. Here are some reasons why I would be perfect for the job.

    1. I won't deny it, I'm not trying to hide it...

    2. I would love the opportunity to work with BuzzFeed

    3. I can bake you cookies

    4. I work hard and have a competitive drive

    5. If you look close enough my cat dreams of BuzzFeed

    6. I would even change my dogs name to Buzz....

    7. BuzzFeed even thinks my art is unbelievable!

    8. I know how to be funny!

    9. But serious when I need to be.

    10. I live close by so if you need anything I can be there in a jiffy.

    11. I have a college education

    12. I have won several awards and badges!

    13. I am a wonderful motivational speaker

    14. I keep up with pop culture....

    15. In all forms...

    16. Did I forget to mention?

    17. Several of my posts have gone viral...

    18. and I am highly intelligent.....

    19. But not perfect.

    20. There is a strong eagerness in me to break into the advertising world

    21. Not only would I be so lucky....

    22. You really would make my dreams come true.