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    21 Tips That Will Brighten Your Work Morning

    Tired of the mundane morning routine? Try any of these tips to brighten your A.M. commute!

    1. Set your alarm to your favorite song.

    2. Stay in bed an extra 10 minutes and cuddle with your pet.

    3. Dance in the mirror to your favorite song getting dressed.

    4. Or dance on the floor. Seriously...this will brighten your morning.

    5. Wave hello to random people driving next to you (or on opposite trains).

    6. Don't read the newspaper (the sad stories will bring down your vibe).

    7. Slap someone a high five!

    8. Forget your diet and order a bacon egg and cheese at the deli.

    9. Download a fun new app...

    10. ...and play that app on the subway or bus.

    11. really does get you in happy mood.

    12. Throw an egg as high as you can in the air and watch it drop on the ground.

    Only do this if no one is arond, so you can't hurt anyone. This sounds strange but try is so much fun!

    13. Speak in a British accent to people you don't know...or even to people you do know.

    14. Tell Starbucks it's your birthday.

    15. In fact...tell everyone it's your birthday!!!!

    16. When driving don't get so easily upset...let them cut in front of you!

    17. Lean outside your window or car window, let the sun shine on your face, and sing...

    18. The Trololo Song

    View this video on YouTube

    19. Break it down while you're waiting for the bus or subway!

    View this video on YouTube

    20. Buy a homeless guy (or the person waiting on line behind you) a cup of coffee.

    Either way you will brighten someone's morning and it will make you feel good!

    21. Text everyone you love "I love you."

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