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    Turn Your Crappy Old Leggings Useful With This Easy DIY Knot Pillow

    They kind of look like intestines, but in a cute way.

    This is the seventh pair of leggings you've had to throw away because everyone can see your butt.

    You'll need a few things besides your best pair of crappy leggings:

    Your second best pair of crappy leggings




    Cushion stuffing, $7.15

    1. Sew the ankles on your crappy leggings shut.

    2. Stuff your crappy leggings full of cushion stuffing ($7.15).

    3. Roll the top like a bag of chips and pin it shut so that you can sew it closed.

    4. After you've done this to two pairs of leggings, knot them together.

    5. Spin and tuck the legs around the knot.

    6. Secure the pieces by flipping the pillow, pinning the ends in place, and making a few stitches on each.

    Now use your new pillow as inspiration to get the rest of your life together.

    Watch the full tutorial here.

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