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This DIY Wall Art Is A Great Way To Hang Photos Of Your Long-Distance Boo

If Facetime freezes one more f**king time, you're throwing your phone at the wall.

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You've tried the Marshpillow thing and it just isn't cutting it.


Your single friends just don't understand the pain of spending Valentine's Day with babe being on the other side of the world (feels like it). Make your boo this long-distance love art to make the distance feel smaller.


2 canvases, any size

Acrylic paint

X-acto knife

Paint brush


Push pin, $5.29

Mini clips, $4.29

Heart stickers


# Paint two canvases and let them dry.

# Print out states or countries and use an X-acto knife to carefully cut out the silhouettes.

# Tape the stencil onto the canvas, paint, and let them dry.

# Stick hearts to pushpins and mark your cities.

# Wind string around both pushpins to create a clothesline.

# Hang photos using mini clips.

Watch the full tutorial here.

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