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13 Underwater Photos You Won't Believe Are Real

With a pool, camera, and some lights, Dana Chapman of Virginia Beach, VA captures images that will make you say "WHOA!"

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Dana became enthralled by underwater photography about 10 years ago when he got certified as a SCUBA diver. Now, with the help of local makeup artists, he creates stunning images with local professional and amateur models, many of which had never modeled in water before.


The day starts with the model and the makeup artist and hair stylist, if the model is not doing her own hair and makeup, showing up and deciding which pieces and outfits will work best with the model's complexion and the background.


Once makeup is applied and the outfit decided on, it's time to jump on in to his saltwater pool. Chlorine irritates the eyes and causes them to become an unattractive red he would have to edit out of the image, so he prefers saltwater.


Buoyancy is also a factor models have to keep in mind. While Dana typically uses a weight belt and dive gear to stay underwater, models have only a few seconds between taking a breath at the surface, slowly letting it out to allow them to sink, pose, and then rise back up to the surface before, well, drowning.

14. Credit Is Given Always Where It Is Due

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