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21 Australian Websites That Will Help You Create An Adorable Kid's Bedroom

Super cute furniture, cushions, bedding, prints, and garlands galore.

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1. Little Letter Lights Co

Lamps are so 2014. These days the cool kids know it's all about cordless marquee lights in the shape of numbers, letters, lightning bolts, moustaches and more.

2. Toucan

Once upon a time two sisters decided to launch a business that combined their backgrounds in childcare and graphic design into one decor brand specifically for kids - and so Toucan was born. Specialising in prints, rugs, bed linen, garlands and more, this is your go-to for quirky, modern, totally irresistible extras.

3. O and Mighty

Newflash: kids make mess. For anyone keen to stash said mess in a cheap, damn fine looking container, O and Mighty's $22 paper storage sacks have you sorted.

4. Babee and Me

When it comes to what you really need for a new baby, there's one thing that's often left off the list: a playmat. Playmats come in handy at home and out and about, so it's lucky that Babee and Me has some of the coolest around.

5. Plyroom

Seeking compact, convertible, and exquisitely designed kid's furniture? You'll love Plyroom - a Melbourne-based, internationally-minded design collective that offers the ultimate in contemporary and sustainable design for your child. Case in point: Plyroom beds and bunks do not have metal screws or joints, and instead use a precision cut joinery system with wooden components. The combination of natural materials and intelligent design aims to create a calming environment, connected with the natural world, to stimulate ~creative play~. If only they changed nappies too...

6. My Little Teepee

Their description on Instagram says it all. Literally. It reads: "My Little Teepee Teepees are $159 plus postage. Email to place an order. We only ship within Australia. Wooden posts measure 1.35 metres & base 1.1 x 1.1 metres." Seriously, that's it - this place is so cool they don't have have a website. But with 10K followers and orders for their customisable cotton tents flying out the door, it's clear the kids (well, parents) are sold.

7. Kawaiian Lion

Say aloha to Kawaiian Lion, a Sydney-based homewares brand that channels the chillaxed vibe of Hawaiian holidays into practical, unpretentious gear for your place. For kids, this includes cowabunga cushions, palm tree wallpaper, and peace-sign pillows. Perfect for beach babes everywhere.

8. Armadillo and Co

Founded six years ago by Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst, Armadillo & Co pioneered Fair Trade practices to create a product from sustainable materials whose sales support local schools in Indian villages. Good karma starts here.

9. Bride and Wolfe

There are ordinary mirrors. Then there are mirrors made from shatterproof wood-mounted mirrored plexi-glass, cut into the shape of melting ice creams, boasting all the pop art swagger of a Warhol print.

10. DD Brand

In the same way sommeliers have their wine, decor devotees have their garlands. Truly, for enthusiastic nesters, a room without a garland is like a movie without a choc top - just a bit lame. And for true connoisseurs, there are few makers more highly regarded than DD Brand. Iridescent, elegant and lovingly handmade in the Hunter region, these tassels can transform a room in a flash.

11. Essie & Co

There are lots of players in the kids' cushion/decal/garland space, but with their gentle pastel colours and wadding-packed feel, Essie & Co specialise in the softest, sweetest, and most adorably squishable.

12. Mocka Australia

Love the environment? Meet Mocka, an Australiasian brand that does a cracking trade in affordable, beautiful kids' furniture (think cots, highchairs and storage) overwhelmingly made from natural materials. The 100% money-back guarantee on all purchases is the cherry on top.

13. Love Letters By Tillie

Letters you picked up from a shop at the mall? $10. Custom-made, blonde timber letters lovingly designed by Tillie and her mum? Priceless.

14. Little Rosie and Me

What you'll find at Little Rosie and Me: felt ball rugs, cute-as prints, snuggly crochet blankets, large area rugs, crocheted fruit toys, garlands and more. In other words, everything you're looking for right now.

15. Vinyl and Me

To all the parents who repeatedly ask their kids to turn the lights off, Mr Penguin says: "Let's do this". The range of wall decals from Vinyl Design will keep you browsing - and starting at your baby's blank bedroom walls - for hours.

16. Oh Eight Oh Nine

A lot of children's decor can be, well, childish. But oh.eight.oh.nine breathes a sophistication and freshness into the kids' furnishing space that is simply spot on.

17. Arlo & Co

Customised mirror, bamboo and wood keepsakes, handcrafted in their Melbourne studio, is the Arlo & Co thing. Buy now, love forever.

18. Kip & Co

Sleepyheads, this one's for you. Think the most adorable and colourful kids' quilts, baby blankets, PJs and bedding bits you'll find outside the Land of Nod. Zzzzzzzz...

19. My Little Echo

Knotted necklaces? No good. Knotted wood? Not so bad. But a knotted cushion? Now you're talking! My Little Echo is on the money with their so-hot-right-now knot cushions, but don't stop there - check out their cactus and floor softies too.

20. Top Knot Designs

If you're a fan of Scandinavian design (and really, who isn't) you'll be thrilled to discover those neat little shelves triangle, hexagon and round shapes are now made by a savvy husband and wife team in their Sydney shed. What's not to love?

21. Chief and Kewpie

There's something to be said for spectacularly colourful, woven-by-hand radness that makes every wall look awesome. And that something is "WANT".