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    • hippiemommy

      I refuse to do a Ouija board for many reasons…mostly I am terrified of what I would invite in…I am very sensitive to the spirit world ( people who are chronically ill usually are) and always have been. Usually if a place has activity it will increase while I am around ( and I don’t mid sharing any of my million of experiences if anyone wants any of them) but I am mostly terrified because I was very interested in the spiritual world and communication when I was a teen. I used to do this thing that is called “cat scratches” I’m not even sure who taught it to me but anyways what you do is you have someone lay down with their head in your lap and you rub the corners of their eyes in a room that is pitch dark with someone seated near the light. You tell a story about the person in your lap and somehow the story must end with person dying from a large amount of cat scratches. Then you turn the lights and roll them over and their back will be covered in scratches. It started out as good fun and something to freaky you out a little bit but for me each time I did it the scratches got bigger and deeper (I have had someone bleed during the story). I stopped doing this after a trip to New Mexico when in the middle of my story I looked up and noticed a man staring at me during the story (everyone was blocking the door so no way for anyone to get in). When I turned the lights on and told the girl to roll over she was screaming and her back was bright red and had a large x down it. The cabin after that was never the same…doors opened and shut on their own and locked so I swore never again. I later found out that my great great great grandmother Anastasia (my family is from New Mexico we actually built a town and we are Spanish native American on that side) was a Bruja in her town and I was warned of the things I could invite in. I take this stuff very seriously so I will never do a Ouija board

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