16 Times Animals Did Halloween Way Better Than You Ever Could

    It's about to get ~spoopy~

    1. The dog that doesn't want you to be so serious.

    @horrorandhalloween / Via horrorandhalloween.tumblr.com

    2. This piggy who is ready to steal yer booty.

    @yungbaeee / Via yungbaeee.tumblr.com

    3. This water dog.

    @liveextraordinary / Via liveextraordinary.tumblr.com

    4. The dog who seems a little shaken, not stirred.

    @panatmansam / Via panatmansam.tumblr.com

    5. This turtle who is blasting into spooky season.

    @terrterr / Via terrterr.tumblr.com

    6. The cat that goes well with eggs and toast.

    @theoreocat / Via theoreocat.tumblr.com

    7. This cat that is better at cosplay than you

    @cat-cosplay / Via cat-cosplay.tumblr.com

    8. This bun in a bun.

    @thefancyhare / Via thefancyhare.tumblr.com

    9. This chinchilla who spends his days in saloons watching tumbleweeds.

    @gopherfrog / Via gopherfrog.tumblr.com

    10. This bat, I mean cat, guaranteed to spook you with cuteness.

    @imagine-create-repeat / Via imagine-create-repeat.tumblr.com

    11. This real-life doge meme.

    12. This horse that probably worked with the headless horseman.

    @horrorandhalloween / Via horrorandhalloween.tumblr.com

    13. The kracken that has finally been released.

    @thingsonmydragon / Via thingsonmydragon.tumblr.com

    14. This poodle who took the game to a whole new level.

    @horrorandhalloween / Via horrorandhalloween.tumblr.com

    15. This beautiful and majestic loaf of bread.

    16. And finally, this dog who's doing such a great job (even if we don't really know what he is)!

    @thosefunnyones / Via thosefunnyones.tumblr.com

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