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    Would You Wear This Lingerie?

    The lingerie design competition at Tokyo's Bunka Fashion College included many zany 3D entries that often looked more like a pop star's stage costumes than underwear.

    The theme for this one is "Tetra," which must refer to the shape of the red things stuck to her bra and panties. The black gloves are a nice touch.

    This one is called "Angels and Demons." I would just call it "Bird."

    This set is inspired by traditional Japanese armor and helmets.

    This take on the "Ouroboros Motif" involves an eye over the crotch.

    The "stained glass" motif almost feels tame.

    This creation is called "DNA," because science and lingerie don't mix often enough.

    This winning design was simply called "Junction."

    The winner, Aya Furuya, will go to the world championships in Shanghai in October.