What’s One Thing You Wear Every Day?

Is it a piece of jewelry, a favorite shade of lipstick, a family heirloom? To start things off, here’s what a few BuzzFeed editors wear every day. Now will you join in and add yours below?

This is me. I got these silver bracelets in India a few years ago and now I wear them every day, partially because they’re kind of a pain to take off!

Amy Odell: “I wear one or both of these Made Her Think bracelets almost every day. They were a birthday gift from the boyfriend who bothered to figure out my taste in jewelry before lazily buying me something I would probably just return.”

Anna: “My grandfather gave my mom this ring, and after he died she gave it to me. I used to wear one he gave my grandmother, in memory of both my grandparents, but I developed an allergy to it and my finger turned bright red. Luckily this one seems to be hypoallergenic.”

Amy Sly: “As a daily bike commuter, mine is my back bike light which is always clipped to whatever backpack or purse I’m wearing.”

Lauren Lipsay: “The ring on my middle finger was my great-grandmother’s; she always had a crazy, quirky sense of style and left me all of her most unique jewelry when she passed away a few years ago.

Cates: “I never take these 4 rings off. The gold one is my family crest ring, which my father gave me for my 18th birthday. I haven’t taken it off for more than 2 hours in the last 12 years. The wide silver chainmail-looking ring was a Christmas gift from my mother the year after she recovered from cancer. The brass/copper/silver banded ring above it is identical to a ring I gave to my sister. I bought the small flower ring beside it at an antique shop on Portobello Road in London on my 27th birthday, and the forget-me-nots match the ones on my family crest. What can I say? I like my jewelry to be semi-permanent!”

Alix: ” I wear this hand-carved buffalo/hobo nickel necklace my friend Tony made every day. It’s a little creepy looking but I like to think of it as a good luck charm. Here’s a link to his Etsy shop!”

Ashley: “Ok these are Aldo and I’m embarrassed about it but they make me think of the beach and are my commuter shoes. I expect they’ll be ruined by July when I actually get to the beach.”

Whitney: “The only thing I wear every day is this simple heart-shaped ring from CatBird in Williamsburg. It was the first present from my boyfriend when we first started dating and I love it (I also picked it out in advance and casually sent him the link as a hint, haha).”

Lauren Yapalater: “This is my hamsa necklace, it never leaves my body (except for this photo). I wear it every single DAYYYYYY!!!!”

Alright, your turn. Share away:

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