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    The New Miss America Could Totally Be A Character On "Girls"

    She moved to Brooklyn "to find herself."

    On Saturday, Mallory Hagan became Miss America 2013. She is not your typical "I dream of world peace" pageant type.

    Isaac Brekken / AP

    I'm sure she wants world peace! We all do.

    Miss New York lives in Brooklyn.

    Steve Marcus / Reuters

    She lives in the Park Slope/Windsor Terrace area — which, to be fair, isn't quite the hipster enclave that Greenpoint (where Girls is set) is. But still, plenty of well-groomed beards and skinny jeans around those parts.

    She moved to New York "to find herself."

    David Becker / Getty Images

    Really! She really said this: "I just knew that the energy of NYC was something that I really loved. I was always a little more liberal-thinking than my hometown. And I just knew that I needed to get out for a little bit, and I needed to find myself. I needed to find myself."

    She went to FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology).

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    Where she presumably learned to wear such daring outfits as these.

    Her talent portion was very attitude-y.

    View this video on YouTube

    For comparison, one of the runner's-up sang the song from Les Misérables and was totally off-key.

    Her outfit also involved mesh sleeves, a bare midriff, and huge gold hoops.

    Steve Marcus / Reuters

    Again, for comparison, this is the kind of stuff the other contestants wore in the talent portion.

    David Becker / Getty Images
    David Becker / Getty Images

    She's totally comfortable being almost naked!

    Steve Marcus / Reuters

    She's dating a finance guy who went to a small liberal arts school.

    This is literally a Girls plot line. His name is Charmel Maynard, he works at JP Morgan, and he went to Amherst.

    I know, I CAN'T believe the bodega ran out of PBR either.

    Isaac Brekken / AP

    See ya at Cafe Grumpy!

    Jemal Countess / Getty Images

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