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Teenage Girls Are Beating Boys In The Job Hunt

As the economy improves, girls are finding jobs more quickly than their male counterparts. Why?

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Teenage girls are having far more luck getting employed than their male counterparts right now. It's explained mostly by the fact that retail jobs — typically more popular with girls — are are more plentiful than those in male-dominated fields like construction.

In the 16 to 19 age category, 2.25 million teenage girls are employed, compared with 2.08 million boys. But still, among both boys and girls, far fewer are working than they did in pre-recession 2007. A new report from Bloomberg Government illustrates:

In the adult population, the most recent jobs report showed that lots of women actually left the workforce in the past few months. There are reasonable explanations for this: coming out of a recession, women's families may be depending on them less to contribute to household income, they may have decided to go back to school, and so on.

In addition to the fact that more teenage girls are working, almost exactly the same number of girls have gotten jobs in the past year as boys have lost them: 110,000 more teenage girls have gotten jobs, while in that same time frame, the number of working teenage boys dropped by 109,000.