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    28 Amazing Old Photos From The Roseland Ballroom's 95-Year History

    The New York institution closes tonight.

    On Monday, Lady Gaga will play the final show at New York's Roseland Ballroom.

    Since opening in Philadelphia at the beginning of the 20th century, the Roseland Ballroom has played host to the likes of Kurt Cobain, Beyoncé, and Bill Clinton.

    The club's founders moves to New York and set up shop as a "whites-only" club for "refined dancing" in 1919. According to The New York Times, black artists began performing at Roseland by 1924, but segregation among visitors lasted longer.

    1. In the '20s, the Roseland was the location of a "stilt dancing marathon."

    NY Daily News Archive via Getty Images

    The photo's caption reads: "The most recent innovations in marathons, stilt dancing, was held in New York City ballroom on Feb. 6th. Due to the falling of some participants the Roseland ballroom owners called a halt to this novel contest after four hours."

    2. And here's a photo of "Old Man Prohibition" hanging from a pole outside in 1933.

    NY Daily News via Getty Images

    3. Couples dancing to the Dolly Dawn band in 1941.

    Underwood Archives / Contributor via Getty Images

    4. Louis Armstrong in 1967.

    Ron Gallela / Getty Images

    5. Grace Jones in 1978.

    Richard E. Aaron / Redferns via Getty Images

    6. Keith Haring in 1987.

    Ron Gallela / Getty Images

    7. Liza Minnelli and Mark Gero (and a Hawaiian shirt) in 1987.

    Ron Galella / Getty Images

    8. Grace Jones on New Year's Eve 1987.

    Ron Galella / Getty Images

    9. Prince in 1988.

    Ebet Roberts/Redferns via Getty Images

    10. Bon Jovi at the "New Jersey" release in 1988.

    Ron Galella / Getty Images

    11. Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt at a campaign event for Michael Dukakis (!) just before the 1988 election.

    Ron Galella / Getty Images

    12. Steven Tyler (and a very special coat) in 1990.

    Ron Galella / Getty Images

    13. Brooke Shields in 1991.

    Ron Galella / Getty Images

    14. EMF in 1991.

    Dario Mitidieri/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

    15. The Beastie Boys in 1992.

    Steve Eichner / Getty Images

    16. Kurt Cobain in 1993.

    Ebet Roberts / Getty Images

    17. Courtney Love in 1995.

    Ebet Roberts / Getty Images

    18. David Bowie in 1996.

    Kevin Mazur / WireImage via Getty Images

    19. NSYNC with Tommy Hilfiger in 1998.

    Dave Allocca/LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images

    20. Robert De Niro and Bill Clinton at Hillary Clinton's birthday party in 2000.

    Cynthia Johnson/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

    21. And it's NSYNC again, in 2000.

    KMazur / WireImage via Getty Images

    22. 98 Degrees in 2000.

    KMazur / WireImage via Getty Images

    Hello, boy band era.

    23. Ja Rule and Nelly and an old computer at the launch of (!).

    Scott Gries/Hulton Archive via Getty Images

    24. Beyoncé in 2001.

    KMazur / WireImage via Getty Images

    25. Missy Elliott in 2001.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    26. Kiss and Anna Nicole Smith in 2002.

    D. Kambouris / WireImage via Getty Images

    27. Iggy Pop in 2003.

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    28. Slash and James Brown in 2004.

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

    Good luck, Gaga.

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images