How Presidential Candidates Begged Women For Their Votes In The 1950s

“You women are doing a lot of thinking about a lot of important things.” But also grocery shopping and sweeping.

1. By telling women that they’re “doing a lot of thinking about a lot of important things.”

And also informing them that they’re capable of swinging the election. In this 1956 spot for Eisenhower’s re-election, Republican women say they’re voting for Eisenhower because he’s “god-fearing,” “sincere,” and “big man.”

2. With an endorsement from a housewife sweeping.

Also from the 1956 Eisenhower campaign.

3. By trying to convince female voters that the future First Lady is just like them.

“My Mamie gets after me about the high cost of living.” From Eisenhower’s 1952 campaign.

4. And with attractive singer performing a jingle.

A real lyric from Democrat Adlai Stevenson’s (losing) 1952 commercial: “He is the gov that brings the dove of peace and joy.”

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