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    17 Gift Ideas For Your Impossibly Cool Friends

    What to get for the person who's too cool for everything. Well, almost everything.

    1. Fun Socks

    2. A Good Coffee Table Book

    If print is *dead*, or on life support, coffee table books are like the people from that island in Greece who live basically forever. Times change, but people always love to have coffee table books — and no one ever buys them for themselves, which makes them an A+ gift.

    3. A 3D Printing Pen

    "3D printing is the future 3D printing is the future 3D printing is the future 3D printing is the future 3D printing is the fuuuu...." Anyway! Real 3D printers cost $2,200 but you can still indulge your gift recipient's ahead-of-the-curve aspirations with this pen, called the 3Doodler, which costs only $99.

    4. Homemade Cookies, Presented Nicely

    5. A Smartphone Camera Lens

    6. This Aggressive Stationery

    Terrapin makes notecards that say stuff like LOLZ and FUCK OFF or have pictures of motorcycles. Most people don't write that many letters (Maybe very cool people do? Who knows.), so a set of 12 is probably plenty.

    7. A Piece of Art

    8. A Potted Cactus or Succulent

    It's a plant that YOU DON'T NEED TO WATER (at least not often) and it DOESN'T DIE (for a long time) and it LOOKS CUTE. It's also an entry level DIY (basically: Get a little pot, put some soil in it, put the plant in, scatter some rocks on top).

    9. A Subscription to an Indie Magazine

    10. Espresso Cups

    11. A Fancy Wine Decanter

    12. Heath Ceramics

    13. A Handheld Sous Vide

    14. A Gift Certificate to a Local Indie Movie Theater

    15. A Backgammon Set

    16. Artisanal Booze

    You know what, get someone whatever bottle of alcohol you want, as long as its not Cinnabon Vodka. But something like Kings County Distillery whiskey or moonshine (novelty!) looks nice on a shelf even if its recipient doesn't drink it for a while.

    17. Or, a step better: DIY Infused Booze