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    Did Anthropologie Pull A Racist Candlestick From Its Website?

    Sure looks like it.

    This post has been updated. See below.

    Anthropologie has been selling a "Trinket & Treasure Candlestick" featuring a Mammy figure that many will find offensive — though the product is no longer available.

    The $398 item (the price is another issue altogether) appears to have been for sale when Jezebel noticed it Thursday night, but it's now listed as being "no longer available." Other "trinkets" on the candlestick include a stereotypical Asian character, a picture of JFK, and a picture of a house in Alaska.

    The candlesticks are one-of-a-kind (each one features different "trinkets" and no other ones appear to have Mammy figures on them), so it's possible that someone indeed bought the one racist candlestick this morning. It's also possible that Anthropologie pulled the candlestick after recognizing the quickly-brewing outrage.

    "Looks like cache for last night still had it as purchase-able," a blogger named Roxy who runs the blog Effortless Anthropologie, a personal site about her love for the brand, explained in an email. "My guess is that since no two are alike they'll change out the photos and make the product available again but I don't know for sure."

    UPDATE: Anthropologie Public Relations Director Sara Goodstein explains, "An independent artisan makes these one-of-a-kind candlesticks from vintage ceramics. Unfortunately two that we received included extremely inappropriate figurines, and we have removed them from our website." She adds: "We sincerely regret the offense we have caused."