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    Applebee's Thinks Women Need To Get Off The Internet

    The restaurant chain's new campaign — called Life Is Better Shared — urges women to get off Pinterest so they can get together to gossip IRL over some Long Island Iced Teas. Perfect.

    The ad features half-baked social media tutorials that get rudely interrupted by the "Girls Night Out Goddess." This "Girls Night Out Goddess" is a middle-aged lady who obnoxiously rags on women's social media usage, and tries to convince women they'd prefer gossiping in person with girlfriends to Facebooking about their kids and pinning photos. Such face-to-face gossiping, naturally, should occur at Applebee's.

    So there you go, ladies! Your options in life are to waste time on Facebook, pin photos of whatever you cooked for dinner, or getting drunk with your lady friends at Applebee's.

    Here's the one about Facebook:

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    This question — "Are you seriously online watching a video about being online?" — is actually sort of funny.

    Here's the one about Pinterest:

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    And here's the one about Twitter:

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    Dumb campaign or dumbest campaign?

    [via Laughing Squid]