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    America's Youngest Female Billionaire Is A Drag Racer

    The 30-year-old owns In-N-Out.

    Lynsi Torres is 30 years old, has been married three times, and is the youngest female billionaire in America.

    Bob Johnson/Bloomberg / Getty Images

    She's the owner and president of In-N-Out, the beloved burger chain started by her grandparents in 1948. She is their only grandchild.

    She's an avid drag racer.

    She's been getting attention recently because she competed in some National Hot Rod Association events. Typically, she doesn't give interviews. According to Bloomberg, she didn't go to college and has no management training.

    In-N-Out is currently valued at around $1.1 billion.

    Richard Koci Hernandez/San Jose Mercury News/MCT

    Torres gets full control in five years, when she's 35.

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