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    All The Crazy Amazing Neon, Metallic, And Smiley Face-Covered Clothing In Solange's New Video

    Smiley face pants ahead.

    Solange just released the video for her song "Lovers In The Parking Lot."

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    It takes place in a dark mall with the lights out, and all the clothes are metallic, glow-in-the-dark, sparkly, neon, etc. Are you excited yet?

    The video opens with these light-up shoelaces.

    And this metallic sweatshirt.

    And they're paired with... Wait for it...

    Smiley face pants!

    Some of the faces are sad.

    A whole range of emotions. In pant form.


    Next up: pink metallic shorts.

    She also wears this outfit while gold confetti falls in a haircare aisle.

    Of course.

    This is followed by... more metallic! In the form of a button-down shirt.

    Paired, naturally, with gold metallic shorts.

    And then, this bra and boxers with a colorful trench coat.

    Did you catch those shoes?

    And to finish up: perfection in the form of a pink glittery dress.

    The End.

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