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5 Inspiring Quotes From Hillary Clinton's Speech On Ending AIDS

"Every woman should be able to decide when and whether to have children...There should be no controversy about this," she said.

The United States pledged another $150 million towards fighting AIDS at the International AIDS 2012 Conference on Monday. Clinton's captivating keynote touched on the international struggle, focusing on all that we can do to help and empower suffering women.


On the problem:

"When women are identified as HIV-positive and eligible for treatment, they are often referred to another clinic, one that may be too far away for them to reach. As a result too many women never start treatment."


On why this is all about women:

"In want to highlight the particular role that women play. In Sub-Saharan Africa today, women account for 60 percent of those living with HIV. Women want to protect themselves from HIV and they want access to adequate health care. And we need to answer their call."


On the opportunity to for change:

"Think of the lives we will touch in Zambia alone – all the mothers and fathers and children who will never have their lives ripped apart by this disease. And now, multiply that across the many other countries we are working with. In fact, if you’re not getting excited about this, please raise your hand and I will send somebody to check your pulse. "


On giving women a choice:

"Every woman should be able to decide when and whether to have children. This is true whether she is HIV-positive or not...There should be no controversy about this."


And on why women need that choice:

"The United States is emphasizing gender equality because women need and deserve a voice in the decisions that affect their lives."

You can watch Clinton's whole speech here:

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